Monthly Archives: January 2009

Minus 20 degrees, black runs and (suspected) broken ankles … guess who’s been Skiiing??

Well, finally back in the world of the living (or at least, mortally aware of the reality of work).

Just got back from a brilliant 6 days of Skiing in the Vallenord area of Andorra, which had some absolutely fantastic snow, and a couple of awesome runs 🙂

I haven’t skied for over 10 years (having last been when I was 17 or so) so the chance to strap some metal planks to my feet and throw myself off mountains at 7,000 feet .. I could hardly contain my excitement.

Getting into it all again was a bit tough, remembering my parallels (and trying to keep my feet together … which I still need more work on!) but by the end of the week we were slaloming in and out of trees on some off-piste alpine fun, and tackling red runs (and a rather terrifying black run) so all in all, a good trip.

The only slight "mishap" was when my wife got startled on a steep blue and managed to hit the only solid object in over 5 miles of snow … a brand new wooden fence (which she rather spectacularly smashed into .. badly bruising her knee .. and (possibly) breaking her ankle).. queue hobbling down the mountain and muggins here had to carry her skiis back (it is surprising how difficult it is to ski while holding a second pair of skis!)

Oh well .. back in the UK now … 7000 feet lower and 30 degrees warmer … back to work I guess.