Monthly Archives: July 2009

SharePoint 2010 SDK Publicly Available

Thats right fans ..
Published earlier this month, the SharePoint 2010 Technical Preview Developer Documentation.
This contains a PDF whitepaper on updating the new ribbon interface (which looks like it’s just 2007 CustomAction features with a new UI).
The real crown-jewel is the 8MB help file which contains the full SDK so far. Exciting stuff!

The call to SearchServiceInstance.Provision failed … resolved!

This was a very annoying one. I had previously configured my development virtual machine to disable Search, Indexing, Document Conversion .. all those pesky services that sap RAM and CPU which aren’t always needed for development work.

The problem came when I wanted to turn them back on again. I was creating a new SSP and got the rather spurious error "no indexers".
This was a little odd, but I quickly realised that it meant the Index service was disabled. (annoying, because I only wanted an SSP for user profile development, but c’est la vie).

So I went to start the Windows SharePoint Services Search and *wham*… "Error"
I had a bit of a poke around the log files and found a reference to:

The call to SearchServiceInstance.Provision ("<name of server>") failed.

Well .. it took me a while to work this out but I did finally crack it. You see, I was doing this on a local virtual machine, so I rarely if ever use the full domain name. I found that I could only start the Search Service using the fully qualified "Domain\UserName" designation.
If you use just the "Username" then it didn’t work and you got the odd error above!

Very strange, another one for the archives I guess.