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Summary of SharePoint Saturday UK 2011

Well, this was actually my first SharePoint Saturday experience and I have to say I was massively impressed! The whole day was very well organised and felt like other SharePoint conferences I have been to in the past (with a great variety of the sessions available and excellent quality and depth of the content being presented).

I actually brought a friend with me to SPSUK and he is mostly looking at Office 365 and Windows Phone technologies so that ended up being one of my main focuses as well. I also spent some time prepping (and packing away) from my session, as well as some time in the “Ask the Experts” room (where I met @MossLover and @SharePointBuzz for the first time :)) so I didn’t get round to as many sessions as I would have otherwise liked.

Configuring Kerberos in a SharePoint 2010 Farm (#SPSUK06)
I was up first presenting this session and I was very pleased with how it went. We had a great turnout, some really good questions and (to my relief) all of the demos worked really well first time! 🙂 This was a re-run of my SUGUK session in August on the same subject and I’m quite pleased with how the session shaped up.

It was very nice getting people coming up to me during the breaks, in the Ask the Experts session or even on twitter and email afterwards (asking questions, or just telling me how much they enjoyed the session) .. these kind of touch points really make the whole thing worth while 🙂

If you are looking for my slide decks then you can find them here:
They are branded for SUGUK but the content is the same so you should find everything you need 🙂

  • Download PowerPoint Slide Deck (PPTX) (zip)
  • View online using PowerPoint Web App
  • (PS – The PowerPoint Web App is powered by Office 365, so hope it works well for you. Feedback welcome!)

    Extending SharePoint 2010 LOB Apps to Windows Phone 7 (#SPSUK23)
    This was a good presentation by Chris Forbes (@chris_e_forbes) on Windows Phone 7 development and SharePoint 2010 integration. This is an area I am getting very interested in for two major reasons:

    1. Office 365 now supports BCS in SharePoint Online, so you can write “no-code” methods of calling WCF web services (which potentially allows the Windows Phone 7 “push notification” services which Microsoft host)
    2. The new “Mango” (Windows Phone 7.5) release includes back-ground tasks, which may allow a background application to respond to push notifications and execute custom code.

    This really opens up the doors in terms of having a very powerful zero-infrastructure solution leveraging both Office 365 and Windows Phone 7!

    Sort your processes with easy, effective InfoPath Forms and SharePoint Workflows (#SPSUK15)
    My final session of the day was with Ian Woodgate (@ianwoodgate) and ran through some cool InfoPath techniques (easy cascading drop-downs) and especially the InfoPath “Approval” mechanism which is being championed by Laura Rogers (@WonderLaura).

    Everytime I look at InfoPath I get more and more impressed, and with Office 365 it really does open up a lot of doors in terms of process automation, workflow and external communications without having to write any custom code (which is ideal when, in SharePoint Online, your development is limited to the SharePoint 2010 Sandbox which restricts a lot of methods).

    Steve Fox – “SharePoint and the Cloud: Crash or Convergence?”
    The end of the day was spent with Steve Fox (@redmondhockey) from Microsoft giving us some live demos of the new Windows Azure platform and some SharePoint 2010 integration (both on-premise and using SharePoint Online) as well as Windows Phone 7.

    Wrap Up
    This was a really good day. I was quite surprised at the number of people there (for a free event, all day on a Saturday) and everyone had a very relaxed non-commercial attitude to the day which was refreshing for a “conference” type event.

    I will definately be going to the next one .. and I seriously recommend that you do too!

    To sum up the day I’ll quote from my friend (@Denyerec)

    Back from , or by its other name . Very worthwhile day out.

    Slides from SUGUK London, Configuring Kerberos for SharePoint 2010

    Just a quick note to publish the slides for my SUGUK London session on Configuring Kerberos for SharePoint 2010.

    It was a great session hosted by LBi and many thanks to @TheRealRiaz for hosting and Matt Taylor (SUGUK) for organising.

    The session went really well (my VMs were a little slow to warm up) but thankfully the demo gods smiled on my and my demos actually worked! (huzzah!)

    We managed to go from a full NTLM SharePoint 2010 farm to configuring Excel Services to use Kerberos Constrained Delegation to SQL Analysis Services, and configuring the Web Applications to delegate to each other (to sort out that pesky RSS Viewer Web Part) and all in about 45 minutes!

    For those who missed it, or wanted some notes from the session, you can access all of my slides below:

    (PS – The PowerPoint Web App is powered by Office 365 and this is my first time trying to use it publicly, so hope it works well for you. Feedback welcome!)

    I’m speaking at SUGUK London

    Well I am very pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the SharePoint User Group UK (London) on Thursday 25th August.

    I am basically doing a “practice run” of my Configuring Kerberos in a SharePoint 2010 Farm which I am doing at SharePoint Saturday UK later this year.

    This will involve;

    • Configuring Kerberos Live on a SharePoint 2010 farm, taking it from NTLM to Kerberos/Negotiate authentication
    • Configuring SQL and Analysis Services to use Constrained Delegation
    • Configuring SP2010 Excel Services to pass through the authentication credentials using the Claims to Windows Token Services
    • How to prove it is all working using “out of the box” tools
    • A few other resources, caveats and tricks

    This is a FREE event at LBi offices in central London, full details, signup and map details can be found on the SUGUK forum: https://suguk.org/forums/thread/27083.aspx

    Should be a great event, hope to see you there and have a SharePint afterwards.

    SUGUK London, 14th October Sandbox Development and jQuery

    Well it was a great night last night. We had a really good turn out (around the 90 mark I think in the end) and it was a cracking dev-focused session.

    Firstly, hats off to Jaap Vossers (@jvossers / blog.vossers.com) who stepped up for his first community event and gave a really good presentation on jQuery and SharePoint.

    My personal favourites were the Developer Dashboard Visualiser (which created a graphical time-line of how long each page component took to load, which you could drill-into) and the Site Settings snap-in (which allowed you to drop in the “Site Settings” page for the current site by pressing Ctrl-S from any page!). Lots of content in there, including using Web Services and utilising some of the Client Object Model.

    Finally Jaap ran a prize draw giving away 5 free copies of a jQuery development book! Good stuff!

    My turn came next, presenting on SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Development. For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@MartinHatch) you will know that I accidentally deleted my virtual machines last week so had to rebuild my farm and re-code all my examples.

    Well .. not one to try making things easier for myself I decided to code all of them from scratch (Sandbox Web Part, Full Trust Proxy and a Solution Validator).

    The only one which didn’t work was the Full Trust Proxy (I then found out I had a note in my slide deck on the “demo” slide which read – “make sure you re-start the Sandbox Service after you install the full-trust proxy” .. I have updated my slide deck now to include that VERY important line!) but overall I think it went very well and muchos thanks to all the feedback on Twitter (make sure you use the #SUGUK hashtag!)

    My own slide decks and code samples can all be found on my Sky Drive account here:

    Finally we had an impromtu “Ask the Experts Session” .. with the awesome team of Eric Shupps, Chris O’Brien, Andrew Woodward, Steve Smith, Jaap Vossers and myself!

    The evening ended up with a SharePint (although I had to head off to get the last train out into the sussex wilderness I call home!).

    If you were there .. hope you enjoyed it (all feedback welcome!). If not … I hope to see you at the next SUGUK meeting! 🙂

    Presenting at SUGUK London – October 14th

    Yep, the next SharePoint User Group UK (SUGUK) London session has been announced, and I’m going to be presenting on Sandbox Development. (yay!)

    The event is on October 14th 2010 at at Mostyn Hotel (Marble Arch, Bryanston Street, London, W1H 7BY) and the evening starts at 18:00.

    I have the second slot and will be talking about Sandbox Development, a subject which I’ve been keenly interested in what with Content and Code’s products and the expectation of SharePoint 2010 suposedly coming to BPOS (Microsoft’s cloud services).

    “This development focused session will walk through the new SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Solutions framework, including the architecture, configuration and development of Sandboxed solutions. Although covering off a few administrative functions do not be fooled .. we will be opening Visual Studio 2010, stepping through code and debugging processes!”

    The session kicks off with Jaap Vossers talking about SharePoint and JQuery. I’ve been working with Jaap for several months now and some of the JQuery stuff he’s done is fantastic, so this is well worth coming along for that session alone!

    This session will cover everything you need to know about harnessing the power of jQuery in your SharePoint sites. The introduction will look at getting started, the syntax and the plugins before we look at jQuery in a SharePoint context; the benefits, examples, calling web services, loading scripts and deployment. We will then cover the various frameworks and utilities (SPServices, jQueryLoader) before rounding off with a look at further integration opportunities in SP2010 and specifically the Client OM and REST. This is a technical session.”

    If you want to register then please sign up at the SUGUK Forum Post (https://suguk.org/forums/thread/25091.aspx).

    I’m really looking forward to it, so please come along, and hopefully I’ll see you there!

    Building an Accessible SharePoint System – Slide Decks, Source Code and Downloads (SUGUK London – November 25th)

    First of all a big thank you to everyone who attended the session, and many thanks to Chris O’Brien for his presentation on ECM in SharePoint 2010 and also to Matt Taylor for pulling the strings behind the scenes and getting it organised!

    You can find links to all of the Slide Decks and Source Code that was used in the Building Accessible SharePoint Systems session below.

    There is loads of material, with links to all of the tools and websites I mentioned including the Disability Discrimination Act, the WCAG 2.0 and WAI ARIA guidelines, the new online SharePoint 2010 SDK and the ASP.Net 4.0 Whitepaper … plus links to all of the tools that were mentioned.

    The slides also include notes on each of the topics and the demo notes refer to the source files that were used in the demo!

    In the mean time if anyone wants to contact me with any questions feel free to use the medium of your choice:

    Email: martin.hatch@contentandcode.com
    Twitter: @MartinHatch

    Cheers, thanks for coming and hope to see you all again soon!

    Let me know if you have any trouble accessing them.

    Otherwise you can get the individual files below:
    [Update – some of the links were broken before – fixed now!]

    Thanks again!

    Presenting at SUGUK London 25th November

    Yep, I’m taking the plunge and finally presenting publicly 🙂
    I’m going to take the stand to talk about Developing an Accessible SharePoint System based on our experiences in designing and building the Intranet and Website for the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB).
    I’ll be going into technical detail about development techniques for customising the front-end and back-end interface of SharePoint, as well as some of the more rounded issues around accessibility (such as the age old "accessibility versus compliance" discussion).
    I’ll also hopefully get the opportunity to show off our new SAS (SharePoint Accessibility Solution) framework and show the audience an example of a WCAG 2.0 AAA system running on MOSS 2007.
    Please feel free to come along (assuming you are in the London area on November 25th, arrive 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start!). It’s free to attend, and Microsoft usually do a good show by providing free pizza, tea and coffee! 🙂
    You can sign up at the SUGUK forum thread here:
    Look forward to seeing you there!

    SUGUK – London Meeting

    If you don’t know about them already there is a group that call themselves the “SharePoint User Group UK” (SUGUK). They meet every now and again, and quite often you’ll get people from Microsoft (or MVP’s) giving presentations on topics relating to SharePoint (usually either development or infrastructure).

    Well, there was one such meeting last night, covering topics such as Kerberos in SharePoint (why, when and more importantly .. how?) and another topic (very close to my heart) about how to maintain multiple SharePoint environments throughout a project lifecycle (e.g. Dev | Test | Stage | Prod).

    They are free to attend, and usually there is a good chin-wag down the pub afterwards so plenty of opportunities for networking or just getting those crucial last few bits of info on a topic.

    The SUGUK Website contains more information, including an “upcoming meetings” forum where you can keep track of when and where the next events are going to be. There’s also a development forum of pretty well informed people, which might be a bit easier than the heavily oversubscribed MSDN Forums.

    Definately worth a look!